The Launch

(January 21, 2006)

OK, here it is, my new page. Originally, I wanted to write my own blog system, capable of fancy stuff like multilanguage support (because I wanted to write in English and German), multiple categories per post and integrated handling of associated files. But then I sat down, a text editor window with some PHP code in front of me, and was once again overwhelmed by the lack of fascination that web development has to offer :( So I decided to ditch the whole thing and use some »off-the-shelf« weblog system.

My first choice was Pivot, because what’s good for Avery Lee (who writes excellent technical articles, IMHO) should be fine with me, too. But alas, Pivot is incompatible with PHP’s safe mode. Maybe, I could have made it work after some fiddling around, but instead I decided to give WordPress a try. And what can I say? WordPress rocks :) Installation was incredibly easy, and the feature set is good. So I think I’ll stay with WordPress.

At the moment, I still use WordPress’ default theme (hard to see, isn’t it? :), but I will create an own theme soon. (I tried some of the »featured themes« from the WordPress page, none of which fully appealed to me.) The same goes for the content: Step by step, I’ll import content from my old page into this one, translating text as needed.

So enjoy the new page and stay tuned!

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