(June 10, 2006)

Being a former student of computer science, I generated some small amount of paperwork that may be interesting for some people. That’s why I’m going to publish it here.

Diploma Thesis: »Video Processing for Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming«

The thesis effectively describes a real-time video encoder application that manages to encode two MPEG-4 streams of different resolutions simultaneously from one live DV video source on moderately fast hardware. The core is based on a modified XviD encoder that supports motion vector hinting. This reduces the motion estimation effort for the higher resolution to a very low amount without losing too much coding efficiency.

Seminar Paper: »Implementation of a basic H.264/AVC decoder«

This is an implementation of a minimalistic H.264 decoder. It is only capable of decoding the absolute basic feature set, even omitting the in-loop deblocking filter (in other words, it’s hard to find streams that work with the decoder :).

  • videocomp.pdf (2.2MB) — a very interesting and detailed presentation (in German language) about all video compression standards from MPEG-1 up to H.265 and beyond. It’s definitely one of the best resources about that topic and it’s kept up-to-date in irregular intervals. (Last update: September 2013)
  • SA_paper.pdf (154k) — the seminar paper
  • h264-src.tar.gz (711k) — the actual implementation


I’ve been somewhat sloppy when it comes to providing licensing information in the files that are available on this page. So I’m going to state the conditions here:

All files, unless stated otherwise, may be used for personal and educational purposes only. Redistribution in unmodified or modified form as well as any kind of commercial use is not permitted unless you ask for it. (This is not a real restriction, however » it’s very unlikely that I reject such a request. I just want to know who uses the code.)

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