(April 23, 2006)

When I’m not working for money (i.e. leave home and go to that office for approx. 9 hours a day), I work on some of my »pet projects«. Four of them are hosted at and thus available to a larger audience. The other ones are smaller, one-day or one-week projects or stuff made for a certain subculture, the demoscene.

The major projects


Creating nice presentation slides usually isn’t a problem, thanks to very sophisticated LaTeX styles. However, the presentation itself tends to be anything but sensational. Impressive fills this gap: Technically, it’s a fullscreen PDF viewer that uses OpenGL for rendering. The use of graphics acceleration allows for some effects that are impossible with commodity PDF viewers, such as smoothly animated, alpha-blended page transitions, a host of useful marking funktions and a smoothly zooming overview page, in case you get lost in your presentation. Be prepared for some serious jawdropping :)

Status: ACTIVE, but moving slowly

Visit the official homepage:


This is for the other iPods (classic, nano, photo, …) what rebuild_db is for the shuffle: It allows the user to manage the playable files as files, not some abstract entries in some abstract music manager like iTunes. However, since the real iPod’s firmware is a little bit more sophisticated (and restrictive) than the shuffle’s, usage is unfortunately not as easy as it was with rebuild_db :(

Status: INACTIVE, due to obsolescence

Visit the official homepage:


The iPod shuffle is a really cool device, but unlike other flash-based MP3 players, it doesn’t play files that are simply copied to its filesystem. Not everybody is happy with iTunes either, so it was about time for a tool that enables the iPod to play files from anywhere in its data area. rebuild_db scans the whole device for playable files and creates a fake iTunes database for the iPod shuffle so it will play back the files.

Status: INACTIVE, due to obsolescence

Visit the official homepage:


MPUI is a very useful Windows frontend for the well-known media player MPlayer. It wraps MPlayer completely, the user only sees a normal Windows GUI that looks a bit like the good old Windows Media Player 6. The cool thing is that the MPlayer/MPUI combo can play most of the common media formats (including DivX and H.264) without the help of external codecs, even though they’re only 3.5 MB in size!

Status: INACTIVE, due to obsolescence

Visit the official homepage:

(Note: »iPod« and »iTunes« are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.)

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