Just a small update: MPUI 1.1.6

(March 23, 2006)

I just released MPUI 1.1.6. This is mainly a small bugfix release that only adds very few features. The next big step will be the rewrite of the options/configuration system.

For those who are interested in helping with MPUI (besides what is written on MPUI’s website), I do have two other tasks left to do:

  1. This is for everyone: I need lots of example files to test with. If you have small (~10MB max) media files in exotic formats (mkv? nut?), with exotic configurations (17 audio tracks? embedded subtitles?) or exotic codecs (vp6? snow?), please make them available to me. Do NOT send me e-mails with attached media files unless I ask for it! In particular, I could need auxiliary subtitle files in all those ugly formats that exist (vobsub? ssa? whatever, I don’t even know them all). I do not care about the content of the files (porn? :), as long as it’s no illegal stuff.
  2. I could need help from someone who is good at creating icons, pictograms and all that stuff. I’d like to replace the minimalistic MPUI icons with nice and modern true-color ones. If you have some experience in painting or drawing images at 16×16 pixels and would like to improve MPUI’s looks, please send me an e-mail so we can discuss the details.

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