Blogging obliges, part 2

(July 27, 2006)

Today I received a blogging questionnaire again, so this time I’ll directly start answering without too much introductory text :)

Why do you blog?

I think the greatest influence came from the technical blogs I read frequently. I just wanted to share my current experiences with operating systems, compilers and all that stuff with the world (not really expecting anybody to listen, of course :)

When did you start blogging?

I tried to start about three years ago, back then in German language, but my laziness made that rather pointless. So I decided to continue in English and with a »real« blogging engine under the hood. So far, this works out a little bit better.

What do you look like?

I’m supposed to put a photo here, am I? OK, I will, but not now. There are currently no good photos of me, so I’ll just have to wait until someone makes one. Until then, just imagine a regular computer geek, that’ll work as a starting point :)

Why do your readers read your blog?

Wait … I have readers?
No, seriously: Five people (or so :) who are reading this blog are friends of mine, and there may be one or two users of MPUI, CENSORED or some other software I made.

What was the last search engine query that led a visitor to your page?

I asked the mighty Apache log (with a funny contraption like »egrep 'google.[a-z]{2,5}/search' access.log | sed 's/.*q=//' | cut -d'&' -f1 | cut -d'"' -f1 | tr '+' ' '« :) and that’s what it told me about the wackiest things why people came here:

Which of your Blog posts undeservedly got too less attention?

All (no post got any measurable attention so far) and none (no post deserved attention anyway).

What’s your favorite blog currently?

I think it’s still Avery Lee’s VirtualBlog, but it’s pretty close to The Old New Thing and Fefe’s Blog.

Which blog did you read most recently?

That’s Uwe’s Blog, because he is the one who invited me to write this very post.

How many feeds do you have subscribed currently?

Opera says 10, including my own.

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