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(June 26, 2006)

Up to now, the consequences of engaging in the social networking process called blogging – social networking – passed by me without any impact. Now I’ve been invited to join in the modern form of chain letters, and I don’t mean the pseudo-funny »forward this e-mail to get rich« type. Blogger chain letters (called »tagging«, as a friend just told me) are simply requests to blog about a certain topic and ask other bloggers to do so, too. The good news is that all relevant bloggers I know are concentrated in our channel, #s2000 (ever wondered where the domain name of this blog comes from? :) and after Ines, Uwe and Tokbela (beware of German language!) I was the last one to receive this invitation, so I don’t have to bug another person with this quite personal questionnaire …

The questionnaire

(Please forgive me any grammar and style errors, I had to translate the questions from German into English, and I’m not very good at that.)

Which five places do you want to see in your life under all circumstances?

  • Australia. Since I saw a documentary about a round trip along Australia’s coast, I’m inclined to do such a trip myself. I’m not sure if that’s ever going to happen, but it’s never wrong to have plans, isn’t it? :)
  • Canada. That’s about the same story as with Australia, except that it isn’t based on a documentary, but on reports from relatives who have been there.
  • France. I love the country and the language, so one of my wishes is to visit this place again.
  • Home. By that, I don’t mean my family’s house in Glauchau, and I absolutely don’t mean my apartment here in Garbsen/Hannover. I mean the place where I will, hopefully, eventually come to rest.
  • Since I can’t think of another place I like, I’m going to twist the rules of the game a little bit and write about places where I don’t want to be. These places are what some people would call paradise on earth: sunny beaches, tropical islands or other places that can best be described with the word »hot«. These would be OK for a brief visit, but I couldn’t stay there for a longer period of time, because I absolutely don’t like the heat.

Which technical development would you like to experience during your lifetime?

Argh, I can’t think of any good answers here. Maybe something like the end of DRM, the breakthrough of open source software or the like …

Which past technical acheivement is the most important to you?

Well, as the prototypical nerd I have to say computers and the Internet here, right? :)

If you could be a historic person, who would you be?

I suppose this question is a coded form of »which historical person do you admire the most?« And that’s most certainly Konrad Zuse. (Yes, I know that fits just too cheesily with the previous answer, but it’s right. This man was sooo much ahead of his time, I can’t help but owe him respect.)

How do you define the term »absolute love«?

Honestly, I never heard about that term before. But according to the wording, I’d say it is love that »just works«. No need to question the partner’s actions. Blind trust, but no subordination. That, plus the usual romantic stuff.

OK, that’s about it. Typing this post took me about 90 minutes, which are only partly due to my utter slowness when writing in foreign languages. The questions are actually much harder to answer than they seem to be, and I surely didn’t manage to answer them as profoundly as Uwe did. But hey, I did my job at least ;)

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