CENSORED 0.4.0 Beta Test Started

(April 13, 2008)

After a long, long time I can finally (and proudly) present a nearly finished new version of CENSORED, the iPod management tool. The main highlights in this release are support for some new models (iPod classic and »fat« nano), AAC and (experimental) video support, import of Play Counts and upload to last.fm and a lot of other new features and bugfixes. Though the code is already finished, I can’t publicly release a full version yet because of two reasons: First, the documentation needs to be updated and second, I need an official Client ID from last.fm to legally upload (»scrobble«) play statistics, but the guy who is responsible for those seems to be very busy with other stuff at the moment.

So instead of releasing CENSORED 0.4.0 straight away, I’m doing a non-public beta test now. Users who helped me with the new version or otherwise expressed interest in it have already been invited. If you are also interested and have not received an invitation yet, just send me an e-mail.

Finally, here’s the full changelog taken straight away from the source:

- added support for 2007 models (nano 3G, classic)
- added support for MPEG-4 audio files
- added experimental support for MPEG-4 video files
- added Play Counts import to update play and skip counts and ratings
- added last.fm scrobble support
- added 'update' action
- added playlist sort functionality
- added global playlist option "skip album playlists = no" to disable
pruning of album playlists
- added global playlist option "directory playlists = yes" to turn every
directory into a playlist
- fixed iTunesDB parser so it reads post-iTunes 7.1 files
- sped up MP3 parser by using Xing/LAME or FhG info tags, where available
- ^C menu asks whether to skip a single track or completely cancel freezing
- added --nowait option to bypass Win32 keypress waiting on quit
- made the freeze process much more error robust -- I/O errors in single
files won't stop the whole process any longer
- added crash handler
- fixed crash in the directory playlist construction code for Ogg->MP3
transcoded files
- fixed ID3v2.3.0 parser (thanks to Ian Camaclang for the patch!)
- added msvcr71.dll to Win32 distribution
- model list in help screen is now sorted
- unfreezing empty databases now works
- improved mtime comparison
- not importing dot-files and directories any longer

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