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(January 25, 2006)

As promised, I’m going to move (almost) all content from my old homepage to the new one. Today, I started by copying the whole old public_html directory to a local hard disk. While browsing through the resulting directory dump, it suddenly became clear to me why the disk quota was so tight on the old site: There was a 30 MB log file! I added a simple textfile-based access logging facility to the code and, well, I simply forgot about it.

Now such a file isn’t something I would simply delete. No. This is some kind of treasure, so I imported it into a database to obtain some fancy statistics.

Here they are:

  • Between March 17, 2005 and today, there were 229900 visits to my old page (hits on subpages included).
  • The subpage with the most hits was the iPod shuffle Database Builder page (27.6%), closely followed by the MPUI page (25.5%). The remaining pages aren’t worth talking about – the next sample (the software overview page) is at only 7.7%.
  • The average number of visits per day is about 700. There are no big variations over time, apart from some noise. However, there is a huge peak at April 11, 2005, with about 6 times the usual load. On this and the following days, about 2/3 of all hits were iPod shuffle related, so there was obviously some event in the media. But I can’t remember what exactly it was …
  • Most accesses that could be tracked back to a specific country were from (surprise!) Germany: 19% of all hits originated from there. 26% came from the more generic .net domain, 14% from .com. After these three TLDs, there’s a huge gap down to 2.x percent downwards, featuring (in this order) Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Japan, The Netherlands, (1% mark here), France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Argentinia, Mexico, Denmark, … OK, I’ll stop here, I’m at some tiny 0.1% now anyway :)

Browser statistics

The most interesting single statistics item is probably the browser distribution. The results tell me that my site is (or was) really untypical. Here’s the Top 6:

38,97% Firefox
38,86% Internet Explorer
5,46% Opera
3,34% Googlebot
3,23% Safari
3,08% other Gecko-based Browser

Top Ten Funniest UserAgent strings

Now for some fun stuff :)

  1. fake agent string
  2. *NIX is besser als Windows
  3. -= Rost =-
  4. Enter new UA String or choose a common one, Then press ENTER
  5. eljetek boldogan amig meg nem haltok vagy szetrugom a seggetek / live long happily together ’til you die or i’ll your ass
  6. Trifft ein Argentinier einen Deutschen, Sagt der Argentinier: Ich möchte Obst und Gemüse nach Deutschland liefern, Sagt der Deutsche: Gern – aber vorher brauche ich deine Unterstützung für einen ständigen deutschen Sitz im UN-Sicherheitsrat !
  7. Geht dich gar nix an @ GNU/Linux ;-)
  8. Nutscrape/9.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)
  9. Heisenberg/42 (Klemmbrett II)
  10. Evilcorporation P0rnviewer 6.66

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