New page theme done

(February 2, 2006)

I’m proud to present the new, custom-build page theme. It’s quite similar to the old theme, but somewhat refreshed in some areas. Moreover, I ditched those enervating saturated (and blue) colors – the new color scheme is much more consistent. (Just in case someone feels like asking: No, I’m not a regular Ubuntu user :)

WordPress’ theme system is pretty nice: All you need to create a new theme is copy and modify a few template PHP files that generate all the (X)HTML on the site. However, the template files are a textbook example of confusing PHP/HTML-intermixed spaghetti code.

I’m quite happy about the moderate amount of suckage Internet Explorer imposed on me this time. The absence of floating elements helps a lot, the only major CSS thing I had to hack around was element width related. (That could have been the famous »three pixels« bug, but I’m to lazy to check that now.) Much more aggravating was the fact that I had to use a browser switch (again!), because IE’s rendition of the transparent logo PNG was even worse than I expected: IE ignored the alpha channel altogether, revealing the white »background« that the logo does not have. Cough.

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