A lot of updates

(February 4, 2006)

Remember what I said about the tedious job of maintaining software projects? This time, it even struck me twice: Just two days after the release of MPUI 1.1.1, I received a batch of bug reports and other suggestions, so I did another rework of MPUI yesterday. Next to half a dozen minor bugfixes, I finally implemented a »clip info« feature that relieves the user from the task of parsing the (sometimes cryptic) MPlayer output.

This morning, even before I left my bed, a good friend …erm… persuaded me to add a new feature to CENSORED: He is preparing a presentation to be held at the university. The problem is, the computer where he’s going to show the slides is not his, and it’s equipped with an ancient GhostScript installation. The 7.x versions of GS have some serious issues with rendering PDF files generated by pdf(La)TeX. For example, hypens (‘-’) are shown at completely wrong places. To overcome this, I added an option to »render« a PDF into a directory with one PNG file per page, thus allowing to generate images on one computer (that is equipped with a decent version of GhostScript) and presenting them on another one.

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