Best CLT ever.

(March 5, 2006)

Today, the CLT (Chemnitzer Linux-Tage) ended. This is the local linux event (actually the second largest of Germany) I attend every year and have been contributing for three years now. This year, I was again at »Praxis Dr. Tux«, some kind of »live help center« where people can bring their computers and get some help with their problems from experienced users. In addition, I did a comparison (German text) of some distributions targeted at novice users, which was a great success — there were not enough seats for all attendees. In particular, CENSORED got a lot of attention, especially because danimo did a great deal of advertisement. I also did an extra, unplanned presentation on CENSORED at the »Linux night« that was quite a success, too.

OK, I have to stop now, the #s2000 folks are bugging me to leave the place now …

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