Privacy Policy

(May 21, 2018)


Website address:

Administrator name: Martin Fiedler

Administrator e-mail address:

Administrator postal address: Bocksdorn 3,
30655 Hannover, Germany

Collection of personal data

Site visitors

The web server maintains a so-called »access log« that records the following information about each page visit:

  • the current date and time
  • the URL of the visited page
  • the visitor’s IP address
  • the URL of the website where the visitor came from (by clicking a link)
  • the visitor’s browser user agent (an indication of which web browser the visitor used to visit the page)

This information is only visible to the site administrator. It it not published or shared with any other party. It is used only for troubleshooting and analyzing website traffic. The data is automatically deleted after 14 days.


When visitors leave comments on the site, the following information is stored:

  • the visitor’s name or pseudonym (shown publicly on the website)
  • the visitor’s website address (optional; shown publicly on the website if provided)
  • the visitor’s e-mail address, IP address and browser user agent (used internally for comment spam detection; not published to site users)


This website does not use cookies. The only exception is the »Site Admin« login dialog, which doesn’t offer any useful functionality to anybody except the site’s administrator.

Third-party data sharing

This website does not share any personal data with third parties. (This includes comment spam detection services; these are not used on this site.)

Data export and deletion rights

If you have left comments, you can request to receive an exported file of the personal data that is kept about you, including any data you have provided on the site. You can also request that any personal data stored about you is permanently erased.

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